WELLCash Mobile AppAll the world in your hands

•    Manage your account, exchange currencies, make payments and transfers
•    Push notifications for transactions, trades and the movement of your funds
•    Provide and get most useful services with geo location
•    Only important WELLCash news and updates

A best way to manage finances

Your money is always in your hands and always under your control. You can control the cards to make payments and transfers of funds, view transactions and operations to convert funds from one currency to another.

Secure mobile wallet

We use data encryption on the mobile app, so no one can use your money without your permission. You may also configure the security settings by disabling some features for heightened security.

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•    No more waiting for your funds. Send and receive it instantly!
•    Use Mobile App for all industries and B2C & B2B transactions
•    Send funds by email or SMS by selecting contacts within your phone’s address book
•    Get peace of mind knowing your activity is safe by using a PIN code
•    Create a loyalty program to boost sales
•    Pay and be paid using NFC technology
•    Earn cashback by purchasing products from the merchants using WELLCash Mobile App