WELLCash White Paper


As a Global Payment Service, we are guided by a common purpose to help make financial lives better by connecting clients and communities to the resource they need to be successful. We are driving growth – helping to create jobs, develop communities, foster economic mobility and address society’s biggest challenges – while managing risk and providing a return to our clients and our shareholders.


Our long term purpose – universal payment service creation not only for implementation of mutual settlements (P2P and B2B payments) in all fields of activity from the transactions between persons to business payments and investment activities, but providing for the client most usable services for life and business activities as well.



The purpose achievement is supposed to be carried out by using blockchain technology and release of two crypto currencies – security token (WELLCoin – WLX) on the Ethereum platform for the investment purposes and own blockchain utility token (Talentum – XTL) - as utility, count and payment unit at present system.




The tasks implementation, namely, the mathematical algorithm creation, program development, marketing and developing actions, supposed to carry out by means of attraction of investment means having carried out in ICO (TAO) several steps. Within this ICO (TAO) to realization of security token (WELLCoin – WLX), that will be offered to potential investors and which will grant the right of receiving a part of income from functioning of this system, and which freely will be traded on the market and will be quoted at the crypto exchanges, the financial liquidity of which will be maintained by present system.

WELLCoin (WLX) Security Token

WELLCoin (WLX) – is a security Token, Ethereum blockchain smart contract (digital asset) granting to his holder the preferential right to receiving income from WELLCash™ payment service operating in proportional to his share in the general issue.

For each Project implementation stage for fund-raising purposes the such Investment Round of WELLCoin (WLX) Tokens placement is carried out by the closed underwriting or open sale on the WELLCash™ website (pre sale, open ICO, final ICO). In total, 6 Investment Rounds are will be provided.

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By means of Talentum utility token (XTL) of the unique mathematical algorithm constructed on a blockchain with use, it will be possible to make all range of payments – to carry out mutual settlements (all kinds of P2P and B2B payments) on business to contracts between institutional clients (including using a letter of credit (LC) settlement form without opening or using the bank account), to carry out all kinds of payments between individuals, to carry out investment activities (to buy and sell all types of financial instruments in all markets – fiat on the FOREX market and crypto currencies, stocks and bonds and their derivatives, to make operations with commodity and financial futures and options).

Besides, this blockchain will allow to conclude and control execution of any kinds of contracts and to carry out mutual settlements under them (including freelance contracts for works and services), to carry out mining given and other crypto currencies (including by means of purchase and sale cloudy mining capacities), to effectively redistribute technical resources (desktops, mobile devices capacities) of participants of a system giving them an opportunity of additional income from their use, and, also, many other things. Service will be available both on a web to a basis, and by means of the mobile application which will have a number of advantages and features – the user will be able to accept by means of NFC technology payment from other user only using the device, to carry out payment in retail chain stores and to receive cash without linking a debit/credit card, use or provide the most demanded for business and life services in real time and with a binding to a geo location for obtaining information on a possibility of receiving and/or providing necessary services and application of present system.